At Ophthalytics, we are proud to offer a cutting-edge generalized AI technology that brings numerous benefits to the field of ophthalmic diagnostics. Our AI algorithms not only deliver accurate and reliable results but also prioritize explanability, ensuring transparency and trust in the diagnostic process. Our technology is camera-agnostic, compatible with a wide range of fundus cameras, ranging from 30 to 200-degree field of view, making it accessible and adaptable to different clinical settings. By seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, our AI solution enhances efficiency by up to 3 times, enabling healthcare professionals to streamline their operations and deliver faster, more effective care to patients. With our advanced generalized AI, we are revolutionizing the landscape of ophthalmic diagnostics, setting a new standard for quality, versatility, and efficiency in the industry.



Introducing Ophthal-360, the revolutionary fully automated AI-based diagnosis solution by Ophthalytics that sets a new standard in ophthalmic care. Ophthal-360 harnesses the power of AI algorithms to deliver rapid and accurate diagnoses, eliminating the need for manual interpretation. With its cutting-edge technology, Ophthal-360 provides a comprehensive report, offering transparent insights into the diagnostic process. Stay ahead of the curve in eye health with Ophthal-360, coming soon pending FDA approval. Learn more on our product page.

Learn more on our product page


Introducing Clearview-360, the flagship product by Ophthalytics that combines the power of AI with the expertise of ophthalmologists to provide rapid and accurate diagnoses. Clearview-360 utilizes advanced AI algorithms to assist ophthalmologists in interpreting retinal images, enabling precise detection of various ophthalmic conditions. With its comprehensive reports, Clearview-360 offers transparent insights into the diagnostic process, enhancing trust and confidence in the results.

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